September 13, 2005

TV Shows

Erik recently linked to a couple Fall 2005 TV grids (here and here) and posted a list of the TV shows he plans to watch this fall. I figured I'd also share what my ReplayTV is set up to record.

Family Guy (9:00 on Fox)
Curb Your Enthusiasm (10:00 on HBO)

Arrested Development (8:00 on Fox)

Bones (8:00 on on Fox)

That 70s Show (8:00 on Fox)

Thursday aka Reality TV Night
Survivor (8:00 on CBS)
The Apprentice (9:00 on NBC)

Numb3rs (10:00 on CBS)

Naruto (9:00 on Cartoon Network)

Bones is the only newly added show to my regular lineup and I have no idea if it will actually be good. The important thing I'll need to remember is that David Boreanez is not in fact a kick ass vampire in this show.

There are a couple shows that don't start up again until 2006 that I'll definitely be watching including Scrubs and The Shield.

The only cancelled show that I'll miss is The Inside which only aired a handful of episodes on Fox this past summer. Bones might fill the FBI show void in my schedule, but I'm not sure if it will be as dark as the The Inside was. The Inside was definitely my favorite dark crime/drama show since The X-Files.

Are there any other shows I ought to be checking out this Fall?

Posted by Jason at September 13, 2005 10:47 PM